About Us

Kamal Farms is a renowned and trustworthy name in the dairy farming in Northern India. Kamal Farms is committed to producing fresh, nutritious milk for local families at prices everyone can afford.

Kamal Farms a well known name on the horizon of Indian Dairy Farming and has a rich heritage of about 5 years in breeding and supplying cows of high productivity and pedigree. In fact, 'dairy cows' and Kamal Farms are considered synonymous by dairy owners in Punjab, North India. Kamal Farms is one of the few farm-to-table dairy companies in India.

Our Services

Animals for Sale

Kamal Farms is a large cattle porter who have pedigreed high yielding pure breed cattle's for sale. We can provide all the services needed from start to finish.

Quality Milk

Pure nutritious milk is available for sale in bulk quantities.

Silage Fodder / Cow Dung

We can provide you rich nutrient silage fodder at very nominal prices. Cow dung can also be provided.

Dairy Consultancy Services

We can help the upcoming entrepreneur to setup new dairy farm by helping them in preparing project report and project implementation.

Kamal Farms — A trustworthy name in the dairy farming in Northern India

Why Choose Us?

Our prime & singular focus is to keep our products natural and of highest quality. Our specialty is the lack of middleman, use of state of the art technologies and transparency in our entire process. For us our cows are our earnings. We raise our cows and take utmost care of them, like our own family members. Their nutrition, hygiene and intensive care directly impacts the quality of milk, making it wholesome and nutritious.

World Class Infrastructure

Milk processing plants

Clean Working

Proper Take Care

Dairy Consultancy Services

Dairy Farm Training

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